Personal Journeys
Dalena Watson, LPC, FAMI, MT-BC
Counseling and Music Therapy
for Healing, Transformation, and Wholeness

Dalena is passionate
about helping people
rediscover their true
selves and be free from
the effects of trauma.

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Don't let the past keep you down!

Do you want to break free from past negative beliefs or trauma
and transform yourself into the person who you really are?

Don't fall into the trap thinking that you are too broken to heal.
Trauma is NOT a life sentence. Big traumas or several small
traumas can take a toll, but YOU CAN HEAL.

Each person's journey is unique. Sometimes it is confusing or
frustrating. Sometimes we need support along the way. You do
not have take this journey alone. Personal Journeys can help!

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Personal Journeys specializes in treating trauma (recent or past)
and serving the GBLTQQI community. Dalena has been working
with the transgender community for over 15 years.

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