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Bonny Method of Guided Imagery &
Music (GIM)

Many GIM therapists not
only use Helen Bonny's
original programs, but have
continued the research in
this area and have
developed new classical
and contemporary music
programs. The programs
address a wide array of
situations and struggles
that are found in the human
condition. Due to the
creative nature of the human
mind, traveling to the same
piece of music or music
program will evoke different
imagery each time it is

What will I experience in a
GIM therapy session?
GIM was developed by Helen L. Bonny, Ph.D. While performing on her
violin, she had an extraordinary experience that inspired her and opened
her awareness to the power of music for transformation and healing. She
began using her understanding of music in therapeutic research at the
Maryland Psychiatric Research Center in the 1970's. Through these
experiments, she saw the drive toward wholeness that exists in the
human mind/body/spirit. With clients in deeply relaxed states of
consciousness, Helen Bonny observed that the music was evoking
spontaneous and creative imagery, frequently leading to life-enhancing
insights/awareness and transformation. Inspired by this work, she
developed and refined the method now known as The Bonny Method of

The Bonny Method of GIM uses specially selected classical and
contemporary music in individual sessions. The therapist (or guide) is
formally trained through one of the Association for Music & Imagery's
approved training programs. GIM is a career specialization acquired in
addition to the other degrees the therapist holds. The therapist (guide)
assists the client (traveler) in setting a focus or intention for the session.
Intentions are specific to the issues, blocks, or changes the client wishes
to address. The music program is then chosen based on the client's
unique needs for that particular session.
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