Personal Journeys
Dalena Watson, LPC, FAMI, MT-BC
Individual Counseling/Therapy Sessions

Benefits Counseling

Increased sense of

Increased clarity

Increased self-worth

Moving "head-knowledge" to the

Increased sense of
freedom and

More about EMDR

More about GIM
Individual sessions are confidential and provided in a warm and caring
atmosphere. Dalena helps you clarify your needs and areas of concern
to develop a unique treatment plan. Together, you work toward your
transformation and healing. Sessions are available in the following time
increments: 50 minutes, 80 minutes, or 110 minutes.

Dalena uses a varies of therapeutic modalities including:

Your needs and interests determine which techniques are appropriate for

Take the step today to start your personal journey and transform your
life! Call Dalena 602-686-3723.
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