Personal Journeys
Dalena Watson, LPC, FAMI, MT-BC
MARI Card Test
(Mandala Assessment
Research Instrument

Taking the MARI
Card Test

You begin by choosing
cards from a series of
stylized mandalas (circle
drawings) and pairing
them with various colors.
Sometimes you will draw
your own mandala.  

The cards are placed on
the mandala wheel, and
Dalena will engage you in
discussion and
interpretation of the
mandalas based on many
years of research by
Joan Kellogg.

You also receive
suggestions for
addressing your issues
and beginning the
change process.

There is no art/drawing
experience necessary.
How does the MARI Card Test benefit me?

The MARI Card Test is a creative, easy, and fun way to gain insight and
perspective into your present state of mind, and how that manifests in
your life. Some areas of importance in your life may include:
  • family issues
  • relationships
  • self-identity and self-esteem
  • beginnings and endings
  • hope for transformation
  • spiritual connections
  • personality traits and patterns of thought.

The MARI Card Test gives you insight and perspective on your life. It
assists treatment planning provides specific interventions for change.
Later tests usually yield different results, reflecting your process of
growth and change.

Who should take the MARI Card Test?

  • Anyone serious about changing their life
  • Anyone beginning counseling/therapy
  • Anyone wanting a deeper perspective on their life
  • Clients wanting to assess their progress
  • Clients wanting to gain direction for contined growth
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